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Air Cargo - another Lloyds speciality

Sea Freight - Lloyds will guide you.

Lloyds Shipping Australia Pty Limited was set up in 2006. The company was formed by a group of 4 professional Customs and Forwarding Executives, who have worked together as a team since the early 1980’s.

The Management Team comprises Max Gooley, Stephen Hobbs, Mark Kraljevic and Peter Vassilacos.

Max and Stephen worked together for 7 years in the 1970’s and joined forces together again when Stephen re-joined Max as Customs Manager of Tasman Freight services in 1993.  Max spent 11 years with TNT Rudders from 1971- 1982, then joined Tasman in 1982- 2003 and lastly Wilson/TNT 2003-2006.

Mark Kraljevic joined Tasman in 1983-2003, Wilson/TNT  2003-2006.

Peter Vassilacos joined Tasman in 1987-2003, Wilson/TNT 2003-2006, having worked in the industry since 1971.

The team has always believed that first class service to our clients is the only means by which we can assure that our company will be successful. In achieving this over the years we have stepped outside the normal boundaries to improve the delivery of service to our clients and at the same time allow our staff the opportunity to gain knowledge not easily obtained within our industry in the normal course of events.

Examples of this are the obtaining of a Cargo Terminal operators licence which allowed us to move closer up the supply chain whereby we could handle freight for airlines. No company had ever been given a CTO licence to operate off airport in Australia. At the same time we also operated through the same facility a seafreight unpack container terminal.

We learnt about the requirements needed when handling high volumes of cargo in a short space of time. The first requirement is committed personnel supported by management who properly understand the procedures involved.

At the same time we had a very close working relationship with 5 companies, our sister companies, that gave us an insight into the needs of importing and exporting companies. This has proved invaluable to us in understanding the positive impact we can have on our clients business if we play our role in the supply chain with a commitment to provide a professional service.

We have set up Lloyds Shipping Australia because we believe there is a need for professional, experienced and knowledgeable operators to assist the small to medium customers rather than be left to Customer Service Centres spread across the country or the world. At Lloyds you have one point of contact and you can  talk to daily to the actual people who control the movement of your shipments through the Export, Import, Customs clearance and delivery of your shipments.

In the process we have also equipped our people with the latest IT tools to ensure that the information we have is passed on without delay to you our customer. Each client has access to this information via our Website ‘E-Services’ link which interfaces with our AS400 computer system which is updated constantly to ensure it is as accurate as possible.

Our order tacking system allows our customers to search on product code as well as order and or vender codes. This means that the customer does not need to know the order number as the product code will suffice.

We are fortunate to count amongst our customers who have known us for over 20 years, three Fortune 500 companies, leaders in medical equipment supplies, a major distributor of luxury retailer marine pleasure craft. Our key objective and our key to success is to provide a level of personal service which is without equal in our industry.